Bridges Graduate School for Cognitive Diversity in Education

Bridges Graduate School

The Bridges Graduate School for Cognitive Diversity in Education offers Ed.D and M.Ed programs in cognitive diversity, and also offers a Certificate program in twice-exceptional education. Bridges Graduate School was founded in 2018 in response to a demand from educators and other professionals for a more formalized course of study about teaching and advocating for 2e students. Bridges Graduate School’s first cohort of students began study in January, 2019. This program encourages students to cultivate the skills, insights, and imagination required of those who will assume leadership roles as instructional leaders, researchers, administrators, and policy makers to promote cognitive diversity at home, school, and in the workplace.

The Bridges Graduate School seeks to inspire and develop innovative leaders of positive change. Drawing from the fields of education and positive psychology, courses explore the intersection of cognitive diversity, talent, interest, and motivation as they relate to gifted, regular, and special education, and to the more complex profiles of 2e students.


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