Consulting Services

Consulting Services


Board meetingThe Bridges Education Group supports the founding, development, and growth of schools and programs aimed at supporting twice-exceptional and cognitively diverse populations. To this end, we offer consulting services in the area of institutional development.

We recognize that many of these programs may be small and highly personalized. Drawing upon our expertise and years of experience, we are prepared to assist these schools in various manners, including providing custom-designed programs for board development, program startup support, leadership assessment, and strategic planning guidance.

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(Additional services are available via the Bridges 2e Center for Research and Professional Development. See below the form for more information.)

Through the Bridges 2e Center, the Bridges Education Group offers additional services for parents and educators. These include custom-designed individual sessions; tips for parenting 2e children; guidance on creating a strength-based, talent-focus learning plan for your child’s teachers, school, and district; and focus on understanding & assessing your child’s strengths, gifts, and talents.

Services for schools & educators include custom-designed individual and whole school programs; a workshop on understanding 2e; a workshop on curriculum development for 2e students; and a workshop on developing learner profiles.

Please click here to visit the Bridges 2e Center site for more information on these opportunities.

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