Bridges Education Group Mission


Chemistry teacher and students

The Bridges Education Group, an international leader in the field of 2e, aspires for students from all backgrounds to acquire the skills, knowledge, and confidence to succeed academically, personally, and professionally.

The Bridges Education Group is dedicated to advancing the intellectual, creative, and social-emotional lives of students everywhere. We encourage and support the development of new 2e schools and programs throughout the United States and abroad to provide access for all to high quality and affordable 2e education.

We advocate for the development of strength-based and talent-focused educational programs (SBT) and for further research and development of SBT models, techniques, and practices.

The Bridges Education Group is comprised of Bridges Academy, serving Grades 4-12; the Bridges 2e Center for Research and Professional Development; and Bridges 2e Media. It also is affiliated with the Bridges Graduate School for Cognitive Diversity in Education, a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation.

  • Bridges Academy provides a rigorous, innovative curriculum that emphasizes the strengths, gifts, and talents of its students, while proactively offering options and tools to address their learning differences.
  • Bridges 2e Center for Professional Development and Research provides professionals, scholars, practitioners, and parents access to resources, options, and opportunities that support optimal environments for 2e individuals.
  • Bridges 2e Media promotes worldwide awareness of cognitive diversity and the use of best practices for strength-based learning to inform all facets of 2e education and lifework.
  • Bridges Graduate School for Cognitive Diversity celebrates the transformative power of strengths, interests, and talents through studies that cultivate an understanding of diverse learners.



We embrace the opportunity to educate different kinds of minds. We know that each individual has within them the capacity to build a successful life and career, and to share their unique abilities and insights for the betterment of the world community.


We celebrate diverse learners by enabling and emboldening them to develop high-level skills in the areas in which they excel.


We inspire learners, providing them means to find personal success. We teach how to surmount learning challenges by not only using strengths but also discovering strategies that work best for them as individuals.

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